Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster TV Show

🗓️ Monday 1st January 2024

A massive pliosaur skull unearthed from the cliffs of Kimmeridge Bay will be featured on a special BBC programme with David Attenborough.

The show will also feature Kimmeridge museum’s Steve Etches, whose team undertook the excavation of the giant ‘sea monster’ from this special stretch of the Jurassic Coast after amateur fossil-hunter Phil Jacobs from West Bexington – who initially made the extraordinary discovery – alerted the museum to the find.

The programme – Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster – will be shown on BBC One and on BBC iPlayer on New Year’s Day at 8pm.

The colossal ‘T-Rex of the sea’ skull – remarkably almost complete and with its 130 huge teeth – will be on display at The Etches Collection from Tuesday 2nd January.

Read all about the find online: